We answer your questions

What is the first step?

A first information consultation during which we will proceed to a complete hair diagnosis, we will explain our technique, our protocol and will make several proposals according to your needs.


Is there a consultation fee for the hair diagnosis?

No, the first consultation is free.


How long does the information consultation last?

The information consultation can last from 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your questions and concerns.


Are there any side effects?

Our Galaxy device selectively targets the hair follicles and therefore does not heat up the surrounding skin. Some people experience a slight localized redness immediately after the treatment, which quickly disperses.


What are the counter-indications of a pulsed light treatment?

– during pregnancy.

– if you have a pacemaker.

– during a treatment with photo-sensitizing drugs.

– if you have an epileptic seizure linked to the light flashes.

– if your hair is too light, i.e. white, red or blond hair.

Ask your specific questions during the information consultation.


Why aren’t your prices on your site?

We must first need to meet you to establish a diagnosis in order to determine exactly what areas can be treated. This is why it is impossible for us to provide you with a price, either by phone or on our website.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most credit cards, cash and checks. It is also possible to make monthly payments on request

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