Permanent hair removal

Get rid of the chore of hair removal for good, say goodbye to unsightly or ingrown hairs, to the redness of waxing, to razor blades… A dream? We can make it come true!

The leader in permanent hair removal

As the leader in permanent hair removal with pulsed light, you can find our 7 expert practitioners in Belfort, Mulhouse and Saint-Louis and soon in Colmar!

By choosing us, you are choosing expertise, know-how and a unique quality of service.

Our practitioners are professionals in the field of pulsed light treatment.
They are trained by dermatologists and are constantly monitored to ensure that the results meet your expectations.

Thanks to a unique and non-invasive technique, you will find a soft and smooth skin at any moment for an absolute freedom.

Package of 6 to 8 sessions for women and men (except hormone-dependent areas).

We work exclusively with the Galaxy Black, designed and manufactured in France, marketed by Eurofeedback, the world’s leading IPL equipment manufacturer.

It’s not only women who want to say goodbye to hair, men also want to be free! 
Soft skin, goodbye to ingrown hairs and redness, but above all you are ready for any occasion. 
Take advantage of a permanent solution, allowing you to get rid of unwanted hair.

Men can be treated on the whole body: shoulders, back which represent the number 1 demand.
However, we are able to treat all areas that bother you, such as: underarms, legs, chest and bikini area.

Treatable areas

Hair can be treated for aesthetic reasons but also for medical reasons, because shaving can damage the skin and cause ingrown hairs or even infections.

In addition, for athletes, absence of hair facilitates training, provides comfort and limits the risk of infection in case of injury.

For her

Bikini line, chin, hands, legs, armpits, stomach, half legs, areolas, upper lip, arms, forearms, lower back, buttocks, gluteal cleft.

For him

Cheekbones, back, chest, buttocks, nape of the neck, beards, hands, legs, shoulders, armpits, arms, forearms, lower back, gluteal cleft.

Pulsed light ?


The flash lamp produces a beam of light that is absorbed by the brown pigment (melanin) in the hair stem and root. This beam of light is transformed into heat, which leads to the destruction of about 20% of the hair bulbs at each session, the average percentage of hair that is in the anagen phase (growth phase). Several sessions are therefore necessary to destroy all the hair in the treated area.

It takes between 6 and 8 sessions, depending on the area to be treated, to destroy the hair.

The effectiveness of the result goes hand in hand with respect for your skin and the hair removal protocol. Thus, the treatment is necessarily preceded by a personalized assessment in order to offer you the best care.

20% of your hair destroyed
at each session