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Skin beautification

Derm Light by Dépil Tech is an exclusive care protocol that brings a beautification of your skin and a clear and visible glowing after only 5 sessions (luminous complexion, tightened pores, reduction of spots, lifting effect …).

Beautifying your skin, our job

Derm Light by Dépil Tech offers a solution for all ages, 6 skin care programs are available to respond, prevent and treat the following skin problems:

Disordered skins

First wrinkles and sagging skin

Pigmentary spots

Dull complexion and dilated pores

Capillair redness

Fine lines

Lack of brightness

A treatment designed for your skin

This treatment is based on the combination of two cutting-edge technologies in the fight against skin aging: pulsed light and cosmetology, the expertise of our skin coaches from the Esthederm institute.

These techniques significantly stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibrils in your dermis.


Adapted care for all

There is no age to maintain your skin thanks to Derm Light by Dépil’ Tech. You can now follow the evolution of your skin with your practitioner and use the appropriate products and treatment to meet your needs and prevent future skin blemishes.

20% of your hair destroyed at each session!

10 years of expertise

Customized protocol

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